Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The King Blues' letter to Gordon Brown on a billboard, Old Street, London

full text of the letter:

"Dear Gordon Brown,

Your party led us into war after war that we didn't want to fight and you added insult to injury by stripping away our civil liberties, the very things that made Britain Great.

Bringing in ID cards, surrounding us with CCTV and taking away our right to protest doesn't prevent crime, it just increases your Orwellian grip on us.

Money goes on bailing out banks and buying tanks while the police move on the homeless by waking them up and pouring water where they sleep.

Your crackdown on unemployment benefits during an economic crisis shows your finger is pointed firmly in the wrong direction. You are demonising the people you have forced to live in poverty.

We demand that you put ALL people before profits because ALL people are priceless.

No more will we fear each other, for we are all equal. We will not let creed, sexuality, or colour come between us. Our only enemies are those who try to divide us. We were born free and we want to live free. The people run this country, not unelected leaders and when we stand together as one we're strong because power comes from the bottom up, not the top down. Watch your back all oppressors, we are organising.


The King Blues"



Gordon's Wine Bar, Embankment, London

Covent Garden Piazza, London

Remembrance Lorry

on the London Underground

Friday, 5 December 2008


Statue of St Peter The Great, Disneyland Moscow:

The interior of a shop:

Christmas decorations in the GUM arcade:

the GUM arcade from the outside:

window display, GUM arcade. Moscovites have a bit to learn about window displays in my opinion: