Friday, 28 September 2007

Old Street, Great Eastern Street and Columbia Road, London

I thought I would try and bolster the popularity of this blog by posting a picture of a billboard of Louise Redknapp in Triumph bra and knickers. I chopped the top off again. I'm sure it was visible in the viewfinder so perhaps my camera phone chops off the top off things that are visible in the viewfinder. Or perhaps a bad workman always blames his tools.

A building on Great Eastern Street.

a tower block on Columbia Road

some balconies on Columbia Road. I must try and take more photos of these houses - they are pretty amazing and garish.

a tower block on Old Street

Two adjacent derelict buildings on Great Eastern St. Even the fly posting is derelict - some of them are for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I'm always surprised that there are still derelict buildings in big cities but particularly so in this part of London.

an office on Great Eastern Street

a disused tube train placed on top of some "vandalism" just off Great Eastern Street.



I really like these pictures Joe, I hope you keep blogging them. Apart from the Louise Redknapp one. I don't like her involvement in 'The Clothes Show' and I have a thing against Triumph Bras as for my teenage years they were the only ones available in my size and they didn't look anything like the one she is modelling. They were called Doreen Bras and I have nightmares about them still.

Adam said...

One of the "really pretty" flats on the Colombia road which you photographed actually belongs to my wife.

If you looked very closely you might have seen one of her tenants degrading the quality of the walls or furnishings in some way. Probably not though as it is a very grainy picture.